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Bamboo Cufflink Tie Clip

Are you looking for perfect gift for the man in your life? Our natural bamboo cufflink tie clip are what you’re looking for. That along with the bamboo tie clip. Together these items fit together nicely. This classic gift will have the man in your life feeling the ultimate flattery. Give him a gift that is full of personality as well. Also one that’s personal to them with their first middle and last initials. The gift set is suitable for all occasions.  Including holidays, special occasions, formal occasions, weddings, as well as business meetings.

The long-lasting bamboo is high quality and will surely add that signature essence to all outfits. A tie will never fail to stay secure and straight with the clip, whilst the sleeves will look complete and polished with the cufflinks. Little details matter and a tie is never an exception, so ensure you can wear the look both posh and elegant – whether it’s something as small as a cufflink or a tie clip.

  • Measurements: 1.7cm x 2cm x 16mm; Tie Clip: 5cm
  • Can be personalized with 3 initials in the order of first, middle and last
  • Tie clip not personalized – only cufflinks
  • Walnut Wood; Bamboo Fiber

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Dimensions16 × 2 × 1.7 in


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