Dear Ava’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mar 05, 2019 Dear Ava’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide One of our favorite times of year is Mother’s Day. It’s a day where we can slow down and appreciate all of the mothers out there who have done so much for us, we just can’t thank them enough. We’ve compiled our recommendations on some of …

Introducing Dear Ava Spa Gift Boxes

Introducing Dear Ava Spa Gift Boxes Here at Dear Ava our vision was to create a way to commemorate our precious relationships with our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, and anyone else with whom we have a special bond. It wasn’t just about the jewelry, but rather the message that helps us memorialize these everlasting …

The Art of Personalized Gift Giving

The Art of Personalized Gift Giving Feb 13, 2019 We can all agree that gift giving isn’t easy. Everyone is unique, and has to develop their own philosophies on how to give meaningfully to friends, family, and loved ones. The pressure to find gifts that suit a person’s needs can be a source of stress, …

Green Shopping for 2019 and Beyond

Green Shopping What with the hoopla about global warming, carbon foot print, and the fossil fuel emissions I have an easy solution. Well a part of a solution.. BUY ONLINE! From the comfort of your home it’s easy to login and shop away! The big online stores have been doing it for years. However we …

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