Green Shopping for 2019 and Beyond

Green Shopping

Green ShoppingWhat with the hoopla about global warming, carbon foot print, and the fossil fuel emissions I have an easy solution. Well a part of a solution..


From the comfort of your home it’s easy to login and shop away! The big online stores have been doing it for years. However we like to encourage the armchair shopper to buy from the Mom & Pop stores. Helps for us to make a living while providing superior customer service. Have you tried to contact a live person on the big box stores? Mostly you have to select from their ticket system a possible reason for your contact and then are directed to several more menus before you actually get a human.

Our little Mom & Pop stores generally have a contact us link where you can either send an email or the more personal stores actually have their phone numbers you can call and someone actually answers! What a concept huh?

I encourage you to check out these personal stores before heading to the big box stores, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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