Thank you very much for supporting a small-time store owner, a struggling yet striving entrepreneur like me. You gave me enough motivation to continue my pursuit of offering personalized gifts. You are the reason why I keep holding on to the pen, pencil and keyboard despite the odds and stress that I experience in my store owner career. You gave me enough hope to keep the flame burning – that is, to keep my love for gofts alive.


You, my dear readers and followers, have inspired me to persist and persevere in my craft. Your continued patronage have helped me keep this store running. For this, I never mind the arthritis on my writing hand. The pain cannot overcome the happiness that I am feeling right now, thanks to you.
I’m at loss for words. I’m touched…and inspired and motivated to keep on persevering . Thanks to you, my dears.

It’s been such a crazy and happy adventure – making the decision to focus on one thing I really love – and trying my best to offer the perfect gift that is (even in a very small way) useful to people. It’s forced me to keep experimenting and learning about everything that goes along with online selling.

But more than anything I’ve loved the friendships and connections built as a result of this little store.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing but I have continued to strive to offer only the bet and most unique items.
While it’s true it hasn’t been easy it sure is fun. OMG the research, the presentation, fighting with the search engines! I still don’t want to do anything else. I work at this each and every day in hopes you find something attractive enough to buy.
And a big thanks to you! Without your support we would be just another fledgling online webstore. But each and everyone of you have made this journey fun and exciting. Just to have you all look at our offers we are extremely grateful. I would encourage readers to leave comments, and most important leave a review on the site.


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